Members of the Fair Future Movement standing together in a group at Victory Garden Initiative's urban farm looking happy and energized


Why We’re Here

We believe in the power of community. When we’re united, we will overcome the racism and systems of oppression that have fractured our community, created unhealthy living environments and power imbalances, and exacerbated environmental injustices.

When we collaborate, uplift each other, and hold each other accountable, we will live in a community where everyone is valued and respected. Everyone will have autonomy, be engaged in the decisions that impact their well-being, and have what they need to thrive.


What We Do

Since Spring 2021, we’ve been building a multiracial and multicultural community. Through our initiatives, we connect and engage with folks who have been excluded or not involved in the traditional environmental movement, work to dismantle systemic barriers to participation, and amplify and organize around current community initiatives.

Community Learning Series

At the beginning of each year, community members are invited to work together through a selected book to explore systems of oppression.

Collective Action Alerts

Every two weeks, community members receive a Collective Action Alert email with three suggested actions they can take in our community.

Fair Future Meetups

Once a quarter, we gather in person in Milwaukee to get to know one another better and be in community. We enjoy each other’s company, celebrate our successes, and connect through art, food, and music.


Support The Movement

Our work is making an impact. Make a tax-deductible donation through Milwaukee Environmental Consortium to keep our initiatives going and create a fair future for everyone. Thank you for your support!